During the webinar, Restore4Life project representatives Mihai Adamescu, Oriane Georges, Martin Pusch, Paul Goriup and Tim Grandjean presented the project and its mission, the currently active Open Call for wetland restoration, the intricacies of restoration solutions, the business prospects inherent in nature-based solutions for wetlands, as well as the integration of citizen science in wetland conservation.
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) in Birmensdorf, Zurich, hosted the 13th Floodplain Ecology Workshop from 13 - 15 March 2024.
The involvement of citizens in wetland restoration projects is one crucial step in the implementation of wetland restoration. Stakeholder participation in the planning and decision-making of environmental projects is critical for ensuring that nature protection and human well-being are equally considered in the restoration and management of wetlands for the benefit of both.
ProBleu, an initiative funded by the European Commission, is excited to announce the opening of its second funding call to promote water literacy and sustainability education in schools across Europe and associated countries.
On 7 March, Restore4Life organized a project presentation together with the vice-mayor of Hohenau at the project’s Implementation Site in the March Floodplains, Austria/Slovakia (IS1).
The SHORE grants are available to primary and secondary schools established in the European Union or in an Horizon Europe Associated Country and located in one of the project’s regional target areas (Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Rhine River, and Danube River).