Hohenau’s March Floodplains Buzzing with Excitement for Restore4Life Project

On 7 March, Restore4Life organized a project presentation together with the vice-mayor of Hohenau at the project’s Implementation Site in the March Floodplains, Austria/Slovakia (IS1). The goal of the presentation was to showcase the various possibilities for Citizen Scientists’ engagement in our Restore4Life project and to recruit Citizen Scientists. To do so, we asked the people for their support in testing and optimizing field protocols. More than 20 people from the village attended the meeting including farmers, fisher, landowners, and teachers! 

Following the initial skepticism, the participants became intrigued, with a group of people signing up to participate in the project. The provision of various field protocol examples greatly assisted in giving participants a clear idea of the work involved.  

We are particularly delighted about the involvement of schools in Hohenau. Studying floodplains as a Citizen Scientist is a great opportunity for young people to learn more about the various ecosystem services these habitats provide.