European Commission-funded ProBleu Initiative Opens Second Funding Call to Promote Water Literacy in Schools

ProBleu, an initiative funded by the European Commission, is excited to announce the opening of its second funding call to promote water literacy and sustainability education in schools across Europe and associated countries. With a focus on implementing the Mission Starfish “Restoring Ocean and Waters” by 2030, ProBleu seeks to engage children, youth, teachers, and school communities in educational initiatives that foster a deeper understanding of aquatic ecosystems and promote responsible stewardship of our oceans and freshwater resources.

The second funding call, open from March 1st to April 30 2024, allows schools to apply for grants of up to €10,000 to support projects lasting up to 12 months. These projects should align with Mission Starfish’s objectives and contribute to the growth of the Network of European Blue Schools (NEBS), a community dedicated to promoting ocean literacy and sustainable ocean management practices. Schools interested in applying for funding are encouraged to visit the ProBleu website for more information and to access the application forms.

The first-call grant applicants (January 2024) will be notified of their funding status before March 23rd, while those who were not selected will have the opportunity to refine their projects and apply again for the second call. Applicants for the second call will receive email notification of their funding status before July 8th. Additionally, a third call is expected to be launched by the end of 2024, with another scheduled for 2025.